1. Always check your breaker if the outside unit is not running. There are 2 breakers for your system: one for the outside unit and one for the inside heating system that controls the entire system.
  2. Check your a/c filter. In the summer it needs to be replaced every 3-4 weeks depending on usage. 
    (1″ filters ) If you can see through your filter dirt will go through.
    (Use pleated filters.) During the winter months every 1-2 months is OK.
    5″ media filter will last 6 – 12 months. ( I change mine, 1st one, right after the pollen is done. 2nd 5″ filter in July or first 100 degrees week of weather.)
  3. If water is dripping outside from the overflow line, this is not normal. It could cause your ceiling to flood with water if left unattended. Just give us a call. We will fix it and let you know about some safety switches to help with protection.
  4. If you have a gas furnace and no part of the system runs, make sure the switch is ‘ON’ in the attic that feeds power to the furnace.
  5. If the system is running and not cooling, shut it OFF! Additional damage may occur if the unit continues to run.
  6. If outside unit will not shut off at the thermostat, turn unit off at the breaker.
  7. If you see frost or ice on the outside Freon lines going to the a/c unit, shut system off. Unit may be low on Freon or dirty air filter. If not, give us a call.
  8. All a/c units get dirty and need to be cleaned every year. You can usually rinse with water hose; rinse up and down with fins (no power washer). Call if you have any questions.
  9. Clean air filters will keep your indoor evaporator a/c coil cleaner, longer. If you don’t change filters when needed, the evaporator coil will become plugged with dirt and will not cool properly.
  10. Most electronic thermostats have batteries that need replacement every year. Make it a routine: when you replace the batteries in your smoke detector, replace the batteries in your thermostat at the same time (once a year).
  11. All homes with gas heat should be checked out for safety and should have a Carbon Monoxide Detector.